graphic design

For over five years now, I have pursued an interest in photography and graphic design. During this time, I became adept in programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, allowing me to take on many briefs across various mediums and sectors, both in print and digital. Therefore, there’s very little that I am unwilling to create for you, having previously worked on posters, banners, flyers, brochures, adverts, logos, book covers and more.


Promotion is a always huge part of the marketing mix, and it has very much been the core of my  work up to this point. As you can see, I have produced a wide range of promotional material for use in the physical environment, traditional media and digital media for the means of advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and publicity

'Very impressed -really good work'

Frank Vignola

book covers

After self-publishing two novels online, I discovered the hard way that without having a publishing house behind you it is very difficult for an author to secure a professional looking cover for their book. Therefore, I decided to independently design my own, before going on to do the same for a number of other self-published authors, ensuring their books look just as good as the ones that you would find in your local bookshops.


If you are an author who is in need of a professional quality cover for your physical book or e-book, then feel free to get in touch about commissioning a design 

'Mark is responsible for five of my books covers and I have had several compliments on his work. He is confident, professional and very understanding to cover needs'


Melissa Holden


I have had the opportunity to provide all kinds of functional graphics for clients, including logos, buttons and vectorsTo your right you can see some examples of this, and what I can provide for you if you get in touch

'Mark designed me a logo and buttons for my website, Very happy with them - would recommend'


Alex Hague


I’ve been snapping photos my whole life, even to this day, focusing predominantly on landscape photography, while always trying to maintain a strong sense of colour across all my work. 

If you wish to see a full collection of my photography then just head on over to Flickr or 500px, and if any particular photo catches your eye, then you might even be interested in ordering a print

'A fantastic collection of lights, tones and composition'

Raúl Ruiz

video production

Photography and film usually tend to go hand-in-hand, so I am no stranger to video production. I have familiar with the whole process from shooting all the way through to post production, having produced promotional videos for businesses, events, restaurants and even weddings. 

'Mark has all the knowledge someone would need to produce great quality videos singlehandedly. When I envisioned making a video for my business I had planned on commissioning more than one person, but in the end there was no need'  

Samuel Riley

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