For many years, I studied English in one form or another, from school all the way through into graduation at Canterbury Christ Church University. I now pursue this commitment to the craft professionally through copywriting, as well as writing novels in my spare time.


Writing copy tends to take on many forms in regards to the services I provide, so I have quite a wide scope of experience with it. In terms of marketing, I am more than willing to manage any website content, social media, editing and emailing in coordination with whatever brand or objectives you may have. I also have plenty of experience with copywriting for advertising, which is something I can easily offer in tandem with graphic design briefs if needed, just let me know


FOREVER LOST TOGETHER: Supernatural Short Stories is a collection of three supernatural short stories, exploring the nature of life, death and human relationships. 

The collection includes: 
- Classroom 66: 
Two traumatized students take sanctuary in a classroom, hiding from the unimaginable horrors that wait for them outside. 

- Hotel Fleetfair: 
A man awakes totally alone in a hotel, quickly discovering that the building has almost as many secrets as he does. 

- The Promise 
An elderly woman is pushed to her limit when her husband goes missing and a burglar breaks into her home. 

'Well written with believable characters and great stories. Looker has the ability to draw you in and then leave you wanting more'

Kathy Jackson

I currently have two novels available for purchase on Amazon, which have gone on to inspire short films 

After Us: Apocalypse Anthology is a short story anthology that shows the effects that the end of the world has on its survivors.


My additions include: 

- Strangers on The Road

A truck driver and a traumatised young hitchhiker take a ride together, knowing that trusting the wrong person in the new world usually comes with a heavy toll.


- Sally Lin

After her girlfriend is seriously injured, Sally Lin takes up arms to protect and save her, while trying not to lose too much of herself in the process.

'A great collection. It focuses on the human reactions and relationships more than the circumstances of the various disasters - and that's a good thing!' 

Eve Folly

blogging & journalism

I have been lucky enough to write for some great outlets over the years, primarily blogging, but also writing from a journalistic perspective. My first experience in this was during my time at Red Sands Radio, where I was brought on to interview and review bands for a local talent segment. A few years after this, I began writing regular opinion pieces for a student magazine published within Canterbury Christ Church University.

I then went on to write regularly for RedSprout recruitment, producing employment focused blog posts on a weekly basis, which found a large ongoing readership over time. The success of these blogs eventually led to a regular guest spot with the KM Media Group, where I produced original content for their employment blog each week.

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