I am going to level with you.

These biographical ‘about’ sections are boring. They are boring to write, and usually, let's be honest; they are pretty boring to read. You either get the ones that feel like you're reading an agonisingly formal Wikipedia entry, or alternatively those biographies that are just a tad bit too impassioned and never seem to end.

So, I'm going to do us both a favour here, and get straight to the important bits: 

about me




I'm a writer


Yep, I write. I suppose the first thing you should know about me is that started out writing fiction, and have now published two novels. To this day, I still find that hard to believe, not because I think it's some big achievement, but more because I never really had much of an interest in English growing up. 


It was actually only after leaving my failing secondary school that I fully realised my passion for writing, which then led me to study it at university. Ever since then, I’ve always pursed writing in some form or another, be it fiction, copywriting, blogging, or journalism for outlets such as KM Media Group.


I'm a marketer


This is another big passion of mine, which was probably borne out of necessity more than anything else, because there is no better way to learn the importance of marketing than trying to sell your books online without a big publisher behind you. So, I had to learn the ropes pretty sharpish.

Flash forward five years, and I am now currently working as a Marketing Manager with a MSc in Marketing under my belt. Throughout my time freelancing and in employment, I have run multiple marketing campaigns, which have required me to learn the ins and outs of advertising, social media, email marketing, PPC, SEO and networking.

I'm a designer 


Long before writing, or marketing, I always enjoyed being creative within visual mediums. It’s because of this that I’ve dabbled quite a bit in photography, graphic design, video and web design. However, it took many years of practice to become proficient in these areas. 


I have worked extensively with Photoshop, most commonly for the purpose of creating marketing materials and digital media. I am also well-versed in video creation from filming all the way through to post-production. These skills have proved more than useful when it comes to web design, allowing me to create assets on the go when developing websites. I have done all of this for many years for a number of businesses and professionals, which leads to perhaps the most important thing you need to know about me:   

I'm available for hire


All the services that I have mentioned above are things that I can do for you, be it writing, marketing or design: I can help. Obviously, I don't expect you to just take my word for it, so feel free to take a trip around the site and hopefully you'll like what you find, if not, thanks for taking a look.


Across all the services I provide, I pride myself on providing high quality work for low commission fees, so if you think I can help you with something then please get in touch


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